Get a load of this!


Our General Manager, Jamie, with one of our toys

We recently purchased two Cartaway Concrete rental trailers. After looking at them time and again at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas , we finally decided to buy a couple of them this year.

Jamie and I go to the World of Concrete every couple of years, sometimes to see what is new in the “World of Concrete”, sometimes to try and find something specific for our business, and – lets be honest – always for the food, shows and a bit of gaming.

For the last couple of years, we have looked at picking up a couple of the Cartaway concrete trailers. They are such a good fit with what we do. We batch concrete all day long for our own products, we have a modern batch plant with the capability of producing quick loads of concrete to any specification and we deal with a lot of contractors who do small jobs and often need just a little concrete. Rather than buying the minimum load from ready mix companies – 3 cubic metres is usually the smallest load you can buy – they now have an alternative.

Cities and parks boards are also often forced to buy more concrete than is needed for a small repair, and we have seen some real positive feedback on these machines.

We have a 1 yard trailer and a 1-3/4 yard trailer. All that is required is a full sized pick up truck. The customer comes to our plant, and we hook up the trailer which we supply filled with ready mixed concrete. Admixtures ensure the proper strength, air entrainment and workability.

The trailers are straightforward and simple to operate – as they are towed to the jobsite, they spin, powered by a gas motor, keeping the concrete mixing just like a ready mix truck.

At the jobsite, the trailer is maneuvered into pouring position and a small wheel is turned on the gearbox. This wheel slows the barrel down to neutral and then reverses the mixer. Internal blades that mixed the concrete and pushed it into the barrel during travel, are now turning in the opposite direction, pushing the wet concrete out towards the mouth of the barrel. A hydraulic lever tilts the barrel so that the concrete can come out – as fast or slow as required to place the concrete.

Unlike traditional rental carts, these Cartaway concrete carts continually mix the concrete on the way to the jobsite so it doesn’t settle and consolidate – so the ability to travel farther of sit longer is greatly increased.

At our first pour, we brought three loads to the home of one of our employees, James, our steel fabricator. James had prepared the formwork for his pad, on which he is building a workshop. The pour went very well, and – aside from James’ lawn, which we kind of chewed up when we drove over it with a couple of tons of concrete and truck – everything went off without a hitch.


James, our fabulous fabricator, getting in on the action