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Parkcrest Masonry Port Moody Condos

Window sills, post caps, column caps by Parkcrest Masonry


Keystone Projects Cartier Street private residence

Stairs, curved stairs, treads, pavers, accents, wall coping, curved wall coping, bullnose stair treads, post caps, pool coping, hot tub coping

Port Coquitlam Sills

Window sills, window lintels

Private Residence custom window sills and surrounds

Window sills, window lintels, window surrounds, post caps, trim, accents, door surrounds, curved sills

Hello world!

Picture 255

Custom Precast Concrete Fountain Coping at the International Departure Lounge at Vancouver International Airport

Hello world! Interesting title. Not mine – it’s a sample post, provided by WordPress so you can see what your blog pages will look like. I was going to delete it and come up with something myself to introduce our new blog.

But why not run with it, I thought? This really is an introduction of sorts, isn’t it? Everything else we have ever put out has been carefully scripted and crafted to fit the marketing wisdom of the day – brochures, ads in magazines and newspapers, and, as media has evolved, websites (our first one was a couple of scanned sheets that my sister did for us – here’s our latest and greatest), email and mass marketing campaigns and the like.

But this is meant to be a bit different. Perhaps a bit less formal. We’ll try and tell our story and that of our products, relationships with our suppliers and customers. Maybe it will evolve – as these things do – into something completely different. Maybe it will be an abject failure and be relegated to the dung hill of bad ideas that seem to grab my attention then wane, dying a slow painful – and sometimes expensive – death.

Or maybe it will simply be another way for us to showcase how truly diverse we are as a precast concrete manufacturer. While it certainly is true that you can’t be all things to all people, I always enjoy showing our production facilities to people who really know what you can do with precast. Because even people in construction – engineers, architects and contractors – are surprised at how much we actually do.

It often starts with a contractor or architect coming to see us for a custom piece that they either can’t get elsewhere, or are unsure of our capabilities. We then discuss their project in detail, and take them out to the shop or the yard for a more visual description of what we are talking about.

Invariably, as we walk past planters, concrete picnic tables, window sills, signs for hotels, pipe, and parking curbs, they will exclaim something like, “Wow! I never realized you guys made so much stuff!”

Sanderson Concrete has been around for a long time – 1929 as far as we can tell – and the Arntorp family (that’s us!) have owned it since 1988 – perhaps that is a story for another time., though. We’re not the biggest precaster in town – we are friends with them, though, and if we don’t make something, we’ll steer you to the ones that do. But we are a pretty good size, and we can probably help you with your project. So just because you don’t see it on our website, don’t think that we can’t make it.

So come on by and say hello! That means, you, World! You’re all welcome!